Cyber insurance is important and prevention is critical.

Ransom demands routinely exceed $100,000 with many over $1 million.

Many organizations never recover their data, even after paying the ransom.

Ransomware attacks succeed every 14 seconds.


Cyber attacks are exploding in frequency, sophistication, and COST

Fact: We help prevent cyber losses

  • Coaching clients on safeguards to defeat attacks
  • Proactively scanning for threat vectors to identify gaps hackers exploit
  • Online training and educational programs
  • Professional advice from cybersecurity experts and privacy attorneys
  • Risk management tools, like step-by-step guides and cybersecurity policies and procedures


Learn our safeguards against ransomware and email fraud. Many safeguards are easy to implement, can be done on your own, and start working immediately. Technical experts are available if needed and we have referrals on hand for larger scope projects.


SecurityVue is a non-intrusive (i.e. safe) external scan of a client’s internet-facing applications and software. SecurityVue evaluates a client’s exposed attack surface and identifies potential known attack vectors including:

  • open remote access ports
  • out-of-date software
  • evidence of client information on the “dark web”
  • twisted domains

Learn more about SecurityVue.

Phishing Simulations

Human error is the biggest risk to cybersecurity. With client authorization, we deploy phishing campaigns on our clients to help them identify those employees susceptible to phishing attacks. Results are delivered by our Training Concierge who can implement online training courses to better educate employees on how to recognize phishing emails.


Employee training is one of the best ways to prevent a costly data breach. We have in-house developed e-learning courses to train employees on best practices. These interactive online courses address key privacy and cybersecurity concepts and are broken down into manageable segments. The interactive computer-based training modules with built-in learning management system track employee training and course completion.

  • Introduction to Breaches

    These three courses provide an overview of data breaches, how they can occur, how to prevent them and the laws that regulate data security.

  • Social Engineering

    Social engineering attacks are a top cause of data breaches. This series prepares employees for common social engineering attacks and provides the tools to protect organization devices and information.

  • Data Security Basics

    Understanding how to keep your devices secure can give your organization a leg up when it comes to preventing a data breach. This mini-series explains the basics when it comes to cybersecurity best practices.

  • Safeguarding Information

    Information is one of the most valuable resources a company has. This course describes the importance of maintaining a safe environment for sensitive information, identifies the value of technical safeguards, and delves into the best practices for handling sensitive information.

  • PCI Training Series

    The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards require organizations that accept payment cards to train their employees on best practices to prevent theft of cardholder information. This series covers basic steps to protect cardholder information.

  • Healthcare Training Series

    The HIPAA Compliance Series covers patients’ rights and the obligations of healthcare providers under HIPAA. The material is essential for all Covered Entity and Business Associate staff.

  • GDPR Training

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a broad-sweeping European Union (EU) privacy law designed to increase an individual’s right to control personal data. This awareness course is designed for all audiences and provides learners with an understanding of the regulation, why it is important, and how it affects organizations across the globe.

Finding the time to implement organizational training can be a challenge. Our Training Concierge handles all of that and will send training instructions, track course assignments, and deliver a completion report for compliance and regulatory purposes.


Our team of privacy attorneys and technical experts offer a wealth of industry experience in privacy/cybersecurity, risk assessments, cyber risk mitigation, and data breach prevention. Our team will help you address any question you have — no question is too big or small.

Meet the Cybersecurity Experts

  • Solution Implementation

  • Vendor Recommendations

  • Security Architecture

  • Exposures and Solutions

  • Technical Questions

  • Training Employees

  • Phishing Simulations

  • Plans and Policies


The online knowledge center provides self-service, 24/7, online access to sample cybersecurity policies, procedures, and agreements, incident response planning materials, risk assessment tools, vendor management resources, step-by-step compliance guidance, and more.

Clients also stay up to date with the latest risks and solutions with our monthly newsletter, single topic cybersecurity bytes, training emails, and cyber alerts when needed.

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