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Directors & Officers Risk Management Consulting

ePlace provides corporate directors & officers with professional guidance in satisfying their legal duties to the corporation and its shareholders in addition to identifying and managing critical risk areas.

Services Include

Receive consulting in-house or through one of our partner law firms in any of the following areas:

Employment/HR Issues

  • Directors and officers regularly face liability from employment claims against them personally, and against the corporation.

Cyber & Data Security  

  • As reliance on digital data storage grows, so does the potential liability for loss of confidential information for directors and officers.

Mergers & Acquisitions  

  • Liability firm mergers and acquisitions is a growing threat in the current financial market where shareholder lawsuits are a near certainty.

Credit/Bankruptcy Claims  

  • Directors & officers owe legal duties to the corporation that can evolve as the corporation becomes insolvent and enters bankruptcy proceedings.

Competitor Claims

  • Competitors suing for intellectual property infringement and unfair competition pose serious liability risks for directors and officers and the corporation.

Customer Claims

  • Class claims by customers alleging violations of consumer protection laws create liability for directors & officers.

Small & Family-Owned Businesses

  • Family-owned businesses and their directors and officers face unique areas of liability because of their size and number of shareholders.

Regulatory Investigations 

  • Directors & officers of public and private corporations face personal liability form government regulatory investigations and penalties.