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Spanish HR Support

Organizations must manage today’s diverse and multi-cultural workforce. Recognizing the need for Spanish services, ePlace developed a Spanish HR Support platform designed to meet your organization’s evolving needs.

Services Include

Full-Time Bilingual HR Professionals Available to Provide HR Advice

Our bilingual HR professionals consult by telephone and email on employee issues including preparing letters, reviewing employee correspondence and providing policies and procedures.

Employee Complaint Hotline for Spanish Speakers

ePlace operates a bilingual complaint hotline available to Spanish speaking employees. Our bilingual consultants take the complaints and promptly report the facts to the employer. We take you through the workplace investigation and help you communicate with the complaining employee.

Spanish Handbooks for All 50 States

Handbooks are critical to successfully managing a workforce. Our handbooks, updated semi-annually, provide essential workplace rules and guidelines in Spanish.

Harassment & Discrimination Training

Training is key to preventing workplace harassment and discrimination. We offer sexual harassment and discrimination training programs in Spanish, for both employees and managers. Use our system to assign and track workforce training.

Mandated Posters & Notices

Many states require that employers provide key posters and notices in Spanish. Our resource rich website contains the required posters and notices for all 50 states.