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Human Resources Training Programs

Training courses are a key component to developing an effective and compliant HR program. We offer a variety of training courses to help businesses achieve this goal.

Courses Include

Management Courses

We offer a variety of courses designed specifically for your management staff. Additionally, our sexual harassment trainings, offered in both English and Spanish, satisfy the specific statutory training requirements of California and Connecticut.

Our trainings cover the following subjects:

  • Anti-Discrimination and Harassment
  • Disability (Accommodations/Interactive Process)
  • Leaves of Absence (Medical Leaves, Required Leaves, Permissible Leaves)
  • Ethics
  • General Best Practices and Guidance
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Termination and Discipline
  • Wage and Hour
  • Data Security

Employee Courses & Materials

These trainings are designed to explain key HR issues to non-managerial employees. In addition to courses, we also offer awareness posters to help educate your employees.
Courses and posters offered include:

  • Sexual Harassment Training
  • Ethics
  • Discrimination & Harassment
  • Public Accommodations
  • Safety
  • Data Security (Password Best Practices & Reporting Data Security Incidents)

Spanish Courses & Materials

Spanish speakers make up a large portion of today’s workforce. It is critical Spanish speaking managers and employees understand the training provided.
We offer the following in Spanish:

  • Manager Level Sexual Harassment Course
  • Employee Level Sexual Harassment Course
  • Public Accommodations
  • Safety
  • Ethics

Manager Training Bulletins

These bulletins provide a simple and effective method of training. We developed the bulletins to educate managers on HR basics. Each bulletin includes a quiz or hypothetical HR scenario ideal for generating meaningful discussions on a variety of HR and management issues.
Example Bulletins:

  • Conducting Workplace Investigations (Parts I, II, III)
  • Workplace Violence
  • The Interactive Process Under the ADA
  • FMLA in Five Easy Steps
  • Managing Leaves of Absence
  • Social Media at Work
  • Effective Performance Reviews
  • Be a Management Star (Parts I, II, III)
  • Handling Suspected Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • The Hiring Minefield
  • Conducting Discipline and Termination Meetings
  • Effective Coaching
  • Seven Things to Consider Before Terminating an Employee

Continuing Education: Webinars
Each month we offer educational webinars on the latest, most relevant HR topics. Our speakers come from government agencies (e.g. EEOC) and prominent employment law firms. HRCI credit is available for attending.

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Example of past topics:

  • Not Just Anyone Should Investigate a Claim of Harassment or Discrimination
  • The ADA Public Accommodation Accessibility Standards – Are you a Target?
  • Where are Your Employees? The Importance of Managing Employee Leaves and Attendance
  • How to Address Both Positive and Negative Interactions at Work
  • Social Media – Legal Update & Policy Drafting Workshop
  • Termination Bombs
  • Wage and Hour Pitfalls
  • The Legal Implication of Bring Your Own Device
  • Preparing a Personal Device Use Policy