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Privacy and Data Security Consulting Services

ePlace’s privacy and data security professionals with CIPP, CISSP, ISACA, SANS GSEC, and Microsoft Systems Engineer certifications provide consulting services in a wide range of areas including:

ISMS Program Development. Development of customized policies, procedures, guidelines, incident management procedures, and disaster recovery process planning and implementation to mitigate risks to information assets.

Risk, Cloud, Third-Party Service Provider/Vendor Assessments. Identification of information assets; evaluation of administrative, technical and physical controls and vulnerabilities; and recommendations to reduce identified risks based upon the organization’s desired risk tolerance.

Digital Forensics. Analysis of computer systems and networks to obtain, preserve, and examine digital evidence.

Security Architecture. Design and implementation of tailored security solutions.

Incident Response Plan Development and Review. Review and development of customized incident response plans to ensure organizations are prepared to respond efficiently and effectively to a data breach.

Incident Response Tabletop Testing and Drills. Development and facilitation of onsite breach simulation drills to “stress test” incident response plans and teams, identifying gaps and areas for improvement.

Custom Training. Onsite workforce training programs to increase awareness of data security issues and reduce the likelihood of mistakes.