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Sexual Assault-Related ER Visits Have Increased 1,533% in a 13-Year Period
From 2006 to 2019, sexual assault-related emergency room visits increased 1,533%; a jump from 3,600 annual visits to 55,200, an increase reflecting a growing cultural shift around confronting sexual assault, according to experts and advocates.
Investigation Into California Nursing Home Sexual Abuse Complaints Discover Mislabeling and Errors on Public Website
An investigation into multiple sexual abuse allegation at California nursing homes uncovered multiple errors and mislabeling of the details and outcomes of substantiated sexual abuse claims on the California Department of Public Health’s public website.
New York Elementary School Principal Convicted on 46 Counts of Various Child Sexual Abuse Charges
Kirk Ashton, the 52-year-old former principal of Northwood Elementary School in the Hilton Central School District who was accused of sexually abusing 26 students from 2014-2021, was found guilty by a jury on 46 of 50 counts, including first-degree sexual abuse (11 counts); course of sexual conduct against a child (17 counts); and endangering the welfare of a child (18 counts), for abuse against 21 victims.
Michigan Urologist and Sports Medicine Doctor Charged with 7 Counts of Criminal Sexual Misconduct
Dr. Zvi Levran, a Michigan urologist, sports medicine doctor, and someone who worked with youth hockey programs in Michigan and Minnesota, was arrested and charged in Oakland County with 4 counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct and 3 counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct of a teenage patient during a medical exam.
Registered Sex Offender and Former Priest Charged with Possession of Child Pornography
Robert Timchak, Jr. a registered sex offender and former clergyman in Luzerne, Pennsylvania, was arraigned on 4 counts of dissemination of photo or film of children involved in sex acts; 2 counts of criminal use of communication facility; and 1 count of child pornography.
Alabama Deputy Sheriff Indicted for Sexual Assault, Kidnapping, and Lying to Investigators
A former deputy sheriff with the Dallas County, Alabama, Sherriff’s Office is indicted and facing life in prison for sexually assaulting and kidnapping a woman while he was on duty and for misleading state investigators.
Former Colorado City Councilor Arrested on Felony Charges for Child Sexual Assault
Anthony Esquibel, the 68-year-old former Fremont County City Council member was arrested for felony child sexual assault and is being held without bond.
San Diego Nursing Home Keeps Operating Despite Record of Sexual Assaults
The El Cajon Avocado Post-Acute Nursing Home has had 628 overall complaints against it in less than 3 years, which is 4 times the state’s average; with 3 sexual assaults reported this year alone.
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