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Sexual Assault Charges Filed Against Pittsburgh Teacher and Youth Sports Coach
So far, 11 victims have come forward accusing the Pennsylvania teacher and sports coach of sexual assault, including at least 1 minor. As the number of victims grows, new charges have been added, including statutory sexual assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse sexual assault, and promoting prostitution.
Patreon Denies Accusations That it Hosts Child Sexual Abuse Material
After child sexual abuse allegations began circulating on TikTok, the company released a statement denying allegations that its platform hosts such material.
Second Federal Jury Convicts R. Kelly of Multiple Child Pornography and Child Sex Abuse Charges
After R. Kelly received a 30-year prison sentence earlier this year in Ney York, a Chicago jury found the R & B singer guilty of 6 of the 13 counts against him, including 3 for coercing minors into sexual activity, and 3 for child sex abuse production videos.
Ken Starr, The Attorney Involved with the Bill Clinton Case; Baylor University Sexual Assault Scandal; and Jeffrey Epstein Settlement Has Passed Away
The 76-year-old infamous sexual assault defense lawyer was 76 and passed away from surgery complication.
Woman Sued San Francisco Police for Using Her DNA From Her Rape Kit to Charge Her with a Crime Years Later
5 years after the woman reported a sexual assault and submitted her DNA to a rape kit, San Francisco police used that DNA to identify her and arrest her for a property crime.
The Pentagon Reports an Increase in Sexual Assault Amongst Service Members
The Pentagon reported a 13% increase in sexual assaults amongst military service members in the last year, with 8,866 sexual assault reports made to the Department of Defense in the 2021 fiscal year.
Former Arkansas Physician Faces 132 Felony Charges Plus Sentencing Enhancements for Child Sexual Abuse
Barry Walker, a 58-year-old former Arkansas physician who had his license suspended in 1999 after a conviction for sexual misconduct with a child, is facing at least 132 felonies, including 34 counts of rape; 29 counts of computer exploitation of a child; 28 counts of producing; directing; or promoting a sexual performance by a child; and 29 counts of engaging children in sexually explicit conduct for use in visual or print medium.
Florida Teacher Sentenced to Prison for Possession of Child Pornography
Michael Gillis, the 65-year-old retired Florida teacher, was sentenced to over 5 years in prison with 10 years of supervised release with requirements to register as a sex offender, after the FBI found more than 2,000 images of child pornography on computers, including 150 videos depicting infants, toddlers, and other young children being sexually abused.
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