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Privacy and Data Training

ePlace’s privacy and data security training programs provide practical guidance and steps employees can take to reduce the likelihood of a security incident.

Employees are often an organization’s weakest link leading to a data breach. Training employees on data security best practices can greatly reduce security risks. Training programs can also mitigate regulatory risks in the event of a data breach.

Services Include

Interactive, computer-based training modules for the entire workforce. Topics include device security basics, defending against social engineering threats, secure destruction of sensitive information, encryption basics, and reporting security incidents. Employee training history is available in ePlace’s built-in learning management system.

Training bulletins and awareness posters facilitate discussions among supervisors and their staff about how privacy and data security principles apply in the employee’s specific work environment.

Webinars for compliance staff by leading legal, regulatory, and data security experts addressing emerging privacy and data security issues.

“In data breach litigation, it’s hard to overestimate the advantage a defendant has when it can show evidence it took steps to prepare for and prevent such incidents from happening. That sort of evidence can kill a case before it even begins.”