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Cyber Training Concierge

Training your workforce will help prevent ransomware and email fraud, your top cyber threats. But sometimes, just finding the time to implement organization-wide cybersecurity training can be a challenge. Don’t have the time? ePlace will handle it for you! Just let us know what employees need training and which courses they need to take. We do the rest! Our Training Concierge will send training instructions, track course assignments, and deliver a training completion report for compliance and regulatory purposes. Our library of online courses include training on ransomware, phishing, and other cybersecurity and privacy essentials.

Contact Laura Calderon Rivera, Director of Client Relations, lcalderon(at) for more information.

Cybersecurity Certificate of Defense – Now Available

ePlace helps clients in a new way by providing a Cybersecurity Certificate of Defense. This certificate provides evidence the IT staff has implemented critical safeguards to achieve a higher level of cybersecurity. The certificate may be important for an organization’s senior management team, the board of directors, insurance underwriters, or in defense of data breach litigation.

The Cybersecurity Certificate of Defense is focused on 13 safeguards to help protect organizations from data breaches, including ransomware and email fraud – today’s top cyber threats. Senior management needs to understand, and be able to report upon, the level of cybersecurity infrastructure in their organization to repel or mitigate cyber-attacks. By providing this certificate to the organization’s insurance broker, the broker may be able to negotiate more favorable terms on cyber insurance based on the improved risk profile. The more cybersecurity defense safeguards an organization implements, the more likely the organization will prevent cyber-attacks.

Contact Laura Calderon Rivera, Director of Client Relations, lcalderon(at) for more information.

HR/EPL Risk Management Services Now Offered for Public Entities

After 20 years of providing HR/EPL risk management services to private employers, ePlace recently expanded its services to include HR/EPL risk management services for the public sector. Employment-related rules impacting the public sector can vary widely from the rules for private employers. These expanded services include a team of HR professionals supervised by employment attorneys to provide HR advice by telephone and online services for HR compliance and management, including sample policies/procedures and online employee training for many HR issues like harassment/discrimination, hiring and termination.

Public sector employers have historically been forced to rely on expensive employment attorneys for advice on a wide range of HR topics, many of which don’t require the expertise of an attorney. Since ePlace offers an affordable way to obtain HR advice, public sector employers are more likely to avoid employment mistakes that often lead to expensive lawsuits.

Contact Laura Calderon Rivera, Director of Client Relations, lcalderon(at) for more information.