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Victim of Alleged Sexual Abuse by Former New York State Trooper Speaks Out
A civil suit has brought to light disturbing allegations of child molestation dating back to the late 1970s and early 1980s, involving NY state police and a man who claims he was repeatedly assaulted while attending Elementary and Middle school at Ballston Spa.
Brooklyn Catholic Diocese Settles with New York Attorney General for Mishandling of Clergy Sex Abuse Cases
New York Attorney General announced an agreement with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn to address years of reported mismanaging clergy sexual abuse cases and for failing to uphold the policies and procedures it adopted for investigating and responding to abuse complaints.
Lawsuits Involving Oregon Students Highlight Statewide Questions Around Child Sex Abuse
A recent lawsuit filed in Multnomah County against Portland Public Schools bring to light questions about how the state of Oregon addresses child abuse, especially when the abuse is done by fellow children.
The Michigan Supreme Court to Rule on Whether Decades-Old Sexual Abuse Allegations can be Resurrected in Civil Lawsuits
The Supreme Court heard arguments last week over whether a 2018 law with a specific carveout for old claims brought by victims of serial sexual molester Larry Nassar also applies to individuals abused decades ago by clergy, school staff or other authority figures.
Governor Signs Bill to Change Statute of Limitations for Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse Settlement
Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed into law a measure Friday that lifts the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse specifically for victims involved in the Boy Scouts settlement — narrowly meeting the deadline necessary for Iowans involved to receive the same compensation as people in other states.
A.I.-Generated Child Sexual Abuse Material Overwhelms the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s Tipline
The organization’s CyberTipline, created in 1998, is the federal clearing house for all reports on child sexual abuse material online and is used by law enforcement to investigate crimes, but many of the tips received are incomplete or riddled with inaccuracies. Its small staff has also struggled to keep up with the volume.
Deepfake Nudes on Campus: An AI Nightmare Leading to Arrests
A great article for parents, teachers, and all district and school pool staff, as it provides a high-level overview of what deepfakes are, as well as current cases of how it is presenting itself in various types of schools, how it is being dealt with, and the issues surrounding it.
Oregon Public School to Pay $3.5 Million Over Coach’s Sexual Abuse
The St. Helens School District has agreed to pay what may be Oregon’s largest legal settlement ever by a public school after a teenage student was sexually abused by a high school coach who had, for years, been the target of complaints of unwanted touching, sexual comments, and other questionable behavior.
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