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The Case for “Personal” SML: Multiple Women Attacked While Jogging in New York’s Hudson River Park
Carl Phanor, who targeted women jogging or walking before sunrise near riverbanks in Lower Manhattan and East Midtown, forcing them to give oral sex or raping them, taking their phones and, in 2 cases, their credit cards, has been indicted on charges of rape, strangulation, robbery and other counts.
In-Home Service Provider Safety: Woman Sexually Assaulted by AC Repairman as She Slept
A 45-year-old AC repairman in Vermont has been convicted of burglary, illegal entry, sodomy, and object sexual penetration of a woman as she slept next to her boyfriend, with record’s showing he was once in her home to assist in the repair of their AC unit.
Child-on-Child Sexual Abuse: 3 Middle Schoolers Arrested for the Sexual Assault of a Fellow Student
Three Smart Mill’s middle school students in Leesburg, Vermont, after being arrested and taken to a juvenile detention facility are facing charges of aggravated sexual battery against one of their fellow students.
Michigan Youth Coach and Referee Arrested for Sexual Abuse of a Minor
Gerald “Dewey” Sutter, a 70-year-old Lansing Township man, and well-known official for youth sports, has been arrested for the sexual abuse of a minor in his home between 2019 and 2021, with a search warrant leading police to believe there may be more victims.
California Police Sergeant and One-Time Employee of the Month Facing 15 Counts of Sexual Assault and Other Misconduct
Nicholas Bloed, the Ex-Sergeant of the Stockton Police Department, has been charged by the DA’s Office with 15 counts, including assault while serving as an officer, forcible oral copulation, the pursuit of bribes and prostitution.
Texas Foster Care and Adoption Services’ Executive Director Steps Down After Sexual Abuse Allegations
Despite rape allegations and “irregularities” in the organization’s tax filings by the CFO, Jerry Monroe, the Executive Director of a San Antonio-based foster placement agency kept him on staff for many months.
Sexual Assault on College Campuses: Cornell Suspends Fraternity Party After Reports of Drugged Drinks and Sexual Assault
Cornell University has suspended all parties and social events hosted by fraternities after campus police said 1 student reported a sexual assault and another 4 reported their drinks being drugged.
Child Sex Abuse in Religious Organizations: Jehovah’s Witness
Washington’s Mandatory Reporting law, which has exempted clergy since 1975, and the Jehovah’s Witness Church, according to internal documents, believes elders should keep abuse allegations confidential unless law explicitly compels them to report it.
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