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An Unsuspecting Case of Grooming: An 82-Year-Old Florida Man Arrested for Sexually Abusing a Child Under 12-Years-Old After Befriending Parents
The defendant allegedly befriended the child’s parents, who trusted him to be around the child because he was helping the parents out, but the parents began noticing that the child was becoming withdrawn, isolated, and began gaining weight, even though there were no physical marks, and the child did not initially report.
Parents Sue PA School District of Failing to Report the Sexual Assault of Their 5-Year-Old on the School Bus
The parents of an elementary school student in the Red Lion School District of Pennsylvania have filed a lawsuit accusing the district of not reporting the sexual assault of a 5-year-old on a school bus to ChildLine and for failing to put the children on different buses, despite having knowledge of the alleged incident.
Wife of CT Man Who Was arrested for 11 Years of Sexual Assaults of Their Foster Child Has Been Arrested
Police in Bristol, Connecticut, have arrested the wife of Roger Barriault, the man charged with first-degree sexual assault for allegedly sexually assaulting a girl in their care from age 9-20, over 3,000 times, and impregnating her.
Former Boy Scott Employee Gets 75 Days in Jail for Sexually Abusing a Child
A 28-year-old employee of Boy Scouts of America pled guilty to first-degree attempted sexual abuse of a child, and now faces 75 days in jail, 60 months supervised probation, no contact with minors, required yearly sex offender registration, and additional fines and fees.
Rape Survivor Fights to Extend Statute of Limitations in Tennessee for Civil Sexual Assault Cases
A sexual assault survivor in Tennessee has introduced a bill to extend the state’s short 1-year statute of limitations to at least 3 years, which would equal the statute length for criminal cases.
California Massage Therapist Arrested for Sexual Assault
A massage therapist at a Palo Alto Massage Envy has been arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a client during an appointment last November.
School Resource Officer in Pennsylvania Charged with the Sexual Assault of a Student
After being accused of having a sexual relationship with a teenage student he met at the high school where he worked, a Pennsylvania school resource officer has been arrested and charged with institutional sexual assault, endangering the welfare of children, and corruption of minors, which are all felonies.
Records Show Coast Guard Leaders Listed Reasons to Not Tell Congress About Sexual Assault Investigation
New records turned over to Congress reveal how top officials at the U.S. Coast Guard engaged in a calculated plan to conceal the damning findings of an investigation into decades of sexual assault cases at the agency’s academy, going so far as to create a list of the pros and cons of being transparent.
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