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4 Colorado School District Employees Have Been Indicted by a Grand Jury for Failing to Report Child Sex Abuse by a Teacher
Three current employees and 1 former employee of the Summit County School District in Colorado have been indicted by a grand jury for failing to report child abuse as mandatory reporters due to waiting a month before notifying law enforcement of a student's complaint about a teacher's inappropriate touching, with 6 additional victims coming forward by the time police were called.
Large Hotel Chain Sued, Alleging Nearly 20 Women, Including a Teenager, Were Trafficked at a Red Roof Inn in Georgia, With Victims as Young as 16-Years-Old
Nearly 20 women are suing the Red Roof Inn in Smyrna, Georgia, alleging that not only did the hotel and its staff turn a blind eye to continuous sex trafficking, but that they had actual knowledge it was occurring at that location.
New Study by the CDC Reveals 1 in 7 Teenage Girls Has Been Forced to Have Sex; The Highest Number They’ve Ever Seen
The CDC’s biannual “Youth Risk Behavior Survey,” which collects data from more than 17,000 students across 152 public, charter, Catholic and other non-public schools in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, reveals that a disturbing 14% of female high school students said they had been forced into sex without giving consent.
Nursing Home Resident Charged with Sexual Abuse of a Teenager and Possession Child Pornography
A 74-year-old resident of Conestoga View Nursing Home in Lancaster, PA, has been charged with the sexual abuse of children and criminal use of communication for possession of child pornography after befriending a visitor’s 14-year-old child and a nurse’s aide discovering hundreds of photos of nude children on the resident’s cell phone.
The Technical Reason Why the Case of 94 Women Suing a Utah OBGYN for Sexual Assault was Dismissed and Why it May Be an Issue in Other States
Despite being sued for sexual assault by 94 victims, a Utah OBGYN successfully had the case dismissed, as Utah only allows medical victims to sue under a theory of medical malpractice, and not under general sexual assault, negatively affecting statute of limitations, amongst other things.
Annual Report Indicates Increase in University Sexual Misconduct Since 2019
Mississippi State University’s Annual “Security and Fire Report,” reports 18 misconducts reported in 2021, versus 8 reported in 2020, and 5 in 2019, with a notable increase in reports of fondling and stalking on campus since 2019.
Man Arrested for Alleged Drugging, Sexual Assault, and Attempted Kidnapping at Famous West Hollywood Nightclub
A woman reported she had been drugged, sexually assaulted, and dragged into a vehicle at The Abbey, the famous nightclub in West Hollywood, California.
Father Warns of Instagram “Sextortion” Scam Targeting Teen Boys After His Son’s Suicide
A 16-year-old boy fell victim to a growing “sextortion” trend on social media, where he reportedly received a message from an Instagram account, modeling an attractive young girl (that originated in Nigeria according to the FBI) who lured him into communication and then extortion for money after claiming to be a mutual acquaintance and recording him partaking in sexual activity.
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