Misconduct Managed NewsSource™ is a bi-weekly compilation of the top news stories concerning sexual misconduct, abuse, and molestation of at-risk groups in the United States.

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Sexual Assault Could Affect a Woman’s Long-Term Brain Health
A new study found that traumatic experiences, including sexual violence, may be linked to greater risk of dementia, stroke, and other brain disorders.
Bystanders Stood by as a Woman was Raped on a Busy Philadelphia Commuter Train
After surveillance footage was reviewed, the local police department and transit authority both noted that someone should have stopped the rape of a woman on a busy train by a man previously known to law enforcement.
Connecticut Teacher Arrested for Sexual Assault of Students Had Been Investigated Previously for Inappropriate Behavior
The ex-Social Studies teacher was arrested on 9 counts of sexual assault and risk of injury to minors, for 3 of his former middle school students.
Former Members Accuse $500 Million Christian Camp Giant of Failing to Prevent Sexual Assault of Minors
A 6-month long investigation into the Young Life, a youth group engaging more than 400,000 children on a weekly basis, revealed 10 claims from women who said they experienced sexual misconduct as staff members, volunteers, or students involved in the ministry.
ABC News Staffer Claims Network Retaliation After Reporting Sexual Assault
In her lawsuit, a producer on “Good Morning America,” claims that after she registered her sexual assault complaint at ABC, the network didn’t renew her contract, only offering a 6-month extension with no raise.
Virginia Law Prevents Medical Board from Suspending Doctors Until Investigation is Over
Considering the Larry Nassar sexual abuse cases, a national organization that represents state medical boards found physicians were not being held accountable enough for sexual misconduct.
Children in the Texas Foster Care System Exposed to Sexual Abuse
A District Court Judge presided over a hearing regarding various issues in the Texas foster care system, including child sexual abuse, children that were given the wrong doses of medication, children engaged in self harm, and unlicensed and dangerous placements, including offices.
Investigation Finds Sexual Assault Claims Against School Board Director Unsubstantiated
Denver School District’s investigation into its director only found “behavior unbecoming of a board member,” which included flirtations and coercive social media posts with a 16-year-old student.
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