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New California Law Expands the Definition of “Mandated Reporter”
As of January 1, 2021, HR professionals and frontline supervisors in companies that have at least 5 employees and employ minors are now considered mandated reporters.
Mormon Church Sued for Failing to Report Sexual and Physical Abuse of Children
Two Bishops and an ex-law enforcement teacher failed to report the ongoing sexual and physical abuse of a Father’s own 3 children despite each observing it happening.
Sheriff’s Office Sued as a Result of a Deputies Sexual Assault of a Minor
A Kansas Sheriff’s Office is being sued for failure to supervise, discipline, and report the sexual assault of a minor by one of its own deputy’s after it was reported to them, despite being mandated reporters.
School District Sued Over Student-on-Student Sexual Abuse
A high school student that was raped in an all-gender bathroom sued the school district for failing to protect her from a, “reasonably foreseeable danger.”
Massage Envy Keeps Masseur on Staff Even After Sexual Assault Reports Made
Despite 2 women reporting that the same masseur sexually assaulted them, he remained on staff and working. Massage Envy has had nearly 150 sexual assault reports made against it since 2017.
Fashion Mogul Arrested for Human Trafficking and Rape of Minors
Peter Nygard has been arrested and charged with human trafficking and the rape of nearly 60 women and teenagers, some off which were impoverished, and he lured them to his Bahamas estate under the guise of cash and modeling contracts.
Major Youth Soccer Organization Hit with Sexual Abuse Lawsuit
American Youth Soccer Association sued over allegations of: Child sexual assault; negligence; negligent hiring, supervision, and retention; and negligent failure to warn, train, or educate.
Uber Fined $59 Million for Failure to Turnover Sexual Assault Information
Uber failed to turnover information regarding nearly 6,000 sexual assaults that took place on rides from 2017-2019 and can lose its license to operate if the fine is not paid in 30 days.
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