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Change is Coming to North Carolina’s Procedure on Sexual Assault Exams in Hospitals
A two-part investigation revealed that not every sexual assault victim can get help at every NC hospital; Some have had to visit multiple emergency rooms, travel, or wait up to 19 hours before they are seen by a trained nurse.
Hospital Employee Arrested for Sexually Assaulting an Elderly Patient
A 21-year-old hospital employee has been charged with aggravated sexual battery and false imprisonment of an 82-year-old patient as he transported her between floors.
Senate Candidate Being Sued for Gross Negligence for a 2013 Sexual Assault
North Carolina Senate Candidate, Erica Smith, has been sued for gross negligence after a multi-defendant sexual assault occurred on a bus in which she was a was a chaperone.
New Program Aims to Restore Faith in the Criminal Justice System for Survivors
A new Michigan Program is helping to test decades-old rape kits, catch serial rapists, and provide much-needed closure for sexual assault survivors.
Gymnastics Coach Sentenced to 32 years in Prison for Multiple Sexual Assaults
A 25-year-old youth gymnastics coach in Illinois was sentenced to 32 years in prison after admitting to sexually assaulting 6 students under 13-years-old.
Veteran’s Affairs Doctor Sentenced to Prison for Sexual Assault
A VA osteopathic doctor in West Virginia was sentenced to 25 years in prison for rubbing the genitals of 2 veteran patients and digitally penetrating the rectum of a 3rd patient without a legitimate medical purpose.
Man Pleads Guilty to Drunkenly Assaulting 2 Southwest Flight Attendants
A man is being held in custody pending sentencing for repeatedly sexually assaulting 2 flight attendants while so inebriated he urinated all over the airplane bathroom with the door open.
School District and School Bus Contracting Company Sued Over Sexual Assault of Minor
The family of an 11-year-old-girl that was sexually abused, on camera, by her 60-year-old bus driver are suing the school district and bus contracting companies.
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