Phishing Simulations to Protect Your Organization

Hackers use phishing emails as a point of entry because it’s easy to trick employees to click a link or open an attachment that allows the hacker to install malware or start a clever attack. In effect, phishing emails cause ransomware attacks and email fraud that can cause millions in damages.

ePlace’s Phishing Simulation Services will identify employees susceptible to phishing attacks and keep “alert” employees ready for a wide variety of phishing emails. ePlace launches a “white hat” phishing campaign to some/all your employees, tracks the employee behavior, and then report the results to your management team, including which employees clicked on the link in the phishing email. Some employees will need more training to avoid falling victim to future phishing attacks, and training is also available as part of ePlace’s comprehensive cybersecurity services. When repeated regularly, phishing simulations are a great way to educate your employees and protect your organization.

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