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What Is S.A.V.E.S.? Sexual Misconduct and Molestation Liability (SML) is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing professional lines coverages in the United States. These claims arise from situations and industries you might never consider. It’s an urgency nobody wants to talk about. Do you know that sexual predators are everywhere? They are in every industry, in […]

Phishing and Ransomware: Responding to Surging Threats

Erich Falke, Esq., CIPP/US, Chief Information Security Officer & Cyber Risk Practice Manager, is cited as the subject matter expert for the article “Update on Phishing and Ransomware—Responding to A Surging Threat” featured in American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators (www.asoa.org). Mr. Falke discusses the additional cybersecurity exposures organizations face with a work from home atmosphere […]

ePlace Solutions’ Annual S.A.V.E.S.

What is S.A.V.E.S? ePlace Solutions’ 1st Annual S.A.V.E.S (Sexual Abuse, Victimization, and Exploitation Symposium), is the first of its kind, yet long overdue. It will take place, virtually, on September 30, 2021. Did you know that there is a registered sex offender in nearly every single square mile of the entire United States? Sexual predators […]

We’re nominated for Advisen’s Cyber Risk SME Insurer/Service Provider of the Year

ePlace Solutions, Inc. is nominated for the Advisen 2021 Cyber Risk Award in the category of “Cyber Risk SME Insurer/Service Provider of the Year.” This category recognizes firms that have demonstrated dedication to developing cyber risk solutions aimed at the unique risks faced by small and medium sized organizations. Vote for ePlace! We have worked […]

Sexual Misconduct and Molestation Claims Continue to be on the Rise

ePlace Solutions is excited to be a sponsor and attendee at the upcoming Sexual Abuse Litigation Coverage Conference by Perrin Conferences. Perrin is a well-known name in the conference world, and we are looking forward to joining many other great sponsors while being part of such an important event. This conference comes at a time […]

Misconduct Managed™ NewsSource

Misconduct Managed™ NewsSource is a bi-weekly compilation of the top news stories concerning sexual misconduct, abuse, and molestation of at-risk groups in the United States. To join the email list, email lcalderon@eplaceinc.com Learn more about our SML program. For information on how to become a client, please contact: Jillian Ostrove, SML and HR/EPL for Public Entities […]

SML Risk Management Services Now Offered

After 20 years of providing comprehensive and proactive risk management services to over 50,000 organizations throughout the United States, ePlace recently expanded services into the Sexual Misconduct and Molestation Liability (SML) market. SML claims impact numerous industries causing an increased need for training, education, and implementation of preventative measures. Our subject matter experts, with experience […]

Cyber Training Concierge

Training your workforce will help prevent ransomware and email fraud, your top cyber threats. But sometimes, just finding the time to implement organization-wide cybersecurity training can be a challenge. Don’t have the time? ePlace will handle it for you! Just let us know what employees need training and which courses they need to take. We […]

Cybersecurity Certificate of Defense – Now Available

ePlace helps clients in a new way by providing a Cybersecurity Certificate of Defense. This certificate provides evidence the IT staff has implemented critical safeguards to achieve a higher level of cybersecurity. The certificate may be important for an organization’s senior management team, the board of directors, insurance underwriters, or in defense of data breach […]

HR/EPL Risk Management Services Now Offered for Public Entities

After 20 years of providing HR/EPL risk management services to private employers, ePlace recently expanded its services to include HR/EPL risk management services for the public sector. Employment-related rules impacting the public sector can vary widely from the rules for private employers. These expanded services include a team of HR professionals supervised by employment attorneys […]