Cyber Attack Surface Assessment Available for Clients

Fresno, CA: ePlace Solutions, Inc., a comprehensive cybersecurity risk management and consulting services company, announced today it has launched a new and expanded external scanning service. The new service, called “Cyber Attack Surface Assessment” (CASA), is a non-intrusive (i.e. safe) external scan of a client’s internet-facing applications and software. Specifically, CASA evaluates a client’s exposed attack surface and identifies potential known attack vectors including open remote access ports and out-of-date software. CASA also searches for evidence of client information on the “dark web” and looks for so-called twisted domains that may indicate hackers have launched or will launch a phishing attack against the client’s organization using a spoofed domain.

ePlace’s new CASA service includes ongoing monitoring of our clients’ attack surfaces. When new vulnerabilities are identified, ePlace will alert clients by email and by phone and our in-house cybersecurity experts can coach the client how to eliminate or mitigate the identified vulnerabilities.

CASA is part of ePlace’s mission to help clients reduce the risk of ransomware and email fraud, today’s prevailing cyber threats.

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