Steps to Prevent Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Claims in Your Workplace

Discrimination, harassment, and retaliation claims remain among the top issues employers face. Avoid these concerns in your workplace by taking these steps:

  1. Implement antidiscrimination and harassment handbook policies
    1. As a client you’ll have access to download our Prohibition Against Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace and Complaint Reporting Procedure.
  2. Implement an Employee Complaint Hotline
    1. A complaint hotline is an easy way to resolve workplace issues before they turn into lawsuits. Using our complimentary Employee Complaint Hotline, your employees will have 24/7 access to speak with a live person.
  3. Educate your workforce
    1. Employee training remains a highly effective way to combat workplace discrimination and harassment. Train all employees, supervisors, and managers using our complimentary anti-discrimination and harassment training.
  4. Enforce your policies consistently
    1. Make sure your managers know all workplace policies must be consistently enforced to avoid the appearance of discrimination or retaliation.
  5. Investigate employee complaints promptly and thoroughly
    1. Use our training modules so your managers know how to conduct proper investigations and discipline employees.
    2. Access our comprehensive investigation resources to assist managers with investigating complaints.
    3. For thorough investigations, have managers use our Investigation Toolkit.

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